Posted by: cindy | August 19, 2008

How to Afford Treatment for Eating Disorders?


Paying for in-patient eating disorder treatment can be challenging for some individuals in the best of economic times but in today’s economy it can be nearly impossible.

For over a decade, Rosewood Center for Eating Disorder’s mission has been to make treatment for eating disorders accessible to everyone no matter what their economic standing is.

At Rosewood, we work directly with insurance providers to determine insurance eligibility prior to admission and we accept 3rd party payment for treatment. Our team of case managers and insurance specialists develop the treatment plan and level of service that will serve the patient best based on their individual needs.

We offer a complete continuum of care for men and women at Rosewood, from our Intensive In-patient program to our more affordable, Intensive Outpatient Program with Transitional Housing.  We design the treatment program around the patient’s immediate needs.

The National Eating Disorders Association, NEDA publishes a free survival guide affording treatment, you can access it here, NEDA Eating Disorder Survival Guide


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