Posted by: cindy | October 20, 2008

Putting an end to “FAT TALK”

Stop Fat Talk10 Million women are suffering from eating disorders – more than four times the number suffering from breast cancer.

And 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat.

Last week, DELTA DELTA DELTA, the national sorority promoted Fat Talk Free Week, a national body activism week. Tri-Delta is encouraging college students of all shapes and sizes to pit an end to “fat talk”.  A highlight of the campaign is the launch of a peer-led eating-disorders prevention program designed to reduce risk factors and improve body image perceptions.  Chapters on 11 campuses, including Cornell and Northwestern universities, hosted event last Wednesday.  “Body-image issues can be hazardous to women’s health and self esteem” says, Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women Foundation, a co-sponsor. “It’s time to toss fat talk along with our impossible pursuit of the thin ideal once and for all.”  Other sponsors are Seventeen magazine, the National Eating DIsorders Association and the Academy for Eating Disorders.  For details visit


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