Posted by: cindy | November 25, 2008

Bulimia is a Dental Disease

1480876642_c4ef38ea62_mThe first book of its kind that explores the links between dental health and bulimia nervosa/purging disorder. Every year, thousands of women and hundreds of males are diagnosed with Bulimia nervosa – an eating disorder and psychological condition caused by binge eating and purging what has been eaten. Emotional havoc ensues – guilt, depression and self-condemnation followed by physical problems – malnutrition, dehydration, organ damage and teeth erosion from the stomach acids used in purging. Dr. Brian McKay sees the obvious oral symptoms of bulimia nearly every day in his Seattle and Southern California dental practices.

The frequency of these patients inspired McKay to write this book about the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from bulimia from a very unique perspective: The dental chair. With over 25 years of experience as a dentist, Dr. McKay learned the sad facts: 26% of all bulimia is first diagnosed by a dentist. In this landmark book – the first of its kind – he sounds the clarion call for a united effort between two professions –the Eating Disorder Treatment professionals and the Dental world to join forces and treat this debilitating disease and create a safety net for its victims. Discover the facts. Learn to take action. Find out how to care for bulimics everywhere in a caring, nonjudgmental, revolutionary approach.


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