Posted by: cindy | December 29, 2008


j0433113New Year resolutions can become cognitive distortions of the eating disorder. These resolutions can lead to more chaotic eating instead of meeting nutritional needs and managing stress of the New Year. Sweep away stress and clear a space for a more joyful New Year.

Think about New Year resolutions from the inside- out…

*Meaningful memories

*More creativity

The New Year is a good time to get back to basics—

Grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy and fats

Your meal plan and positive affirmations

“I can sit down and relax because I am who I am, and in my mind have acquired the strength that means I can learn to deal with anything.”

“I accept myself for who I am and enjoy learning more about myself and the world that I am a part of with every year.”

“I look forward to wherever my life may lead me in 2009.”

“I am happy to know myself.”

“I accept myself and my body the way I am.”

“I am not afraid of food and can eat to meet my nutritional needs.”

“I am hungry, I eat and I am satisfied.  I have the energy to do what I need and want to do.”

As the long days of darkness become days with more light, step into the New Year with memories of your success in your ED recovery  with continued action for success in 2009.


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